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Standardizing infra - lxd is not Docker

Selling a software package that is deployed to a customer data-centre can be challenging due to the diversity found in the physical infrastructure.

It is expensive to make (and test) adjustments to the software that allow it to run in a non-standard manner.

Maintaining a swarm of snowflakes is not a scalable business practice. More deployment variations means more documentation and more pairs of hands needed to manage them. Uniformity and automation are what keep our prices competitive.

Opposing the engineering team's desire for uniformity is the practical need to fit our solution into the customers data-centre and budget. We can't define a uniform physical infrastructure that all of our customers must adhere to. Well, I suppose we could, but we would only have a very small number of customers who are willing and able to fit their data-centre around us.

We are therefore on the horns of a dilemma. Specifying standard physical hardware is impractical and limits the s…

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