31 December 2009

Product suppliers can also provide backlinks

Search engines reward websites that are well linked. Search engines operate under the assumption that if many other websites link to yours then that reflects a measure of trust and value in your site content. This means that building up these links to your website is an important task for any website owner.

Finding relevant sites to approach for a backlink can be a difficult prospect.

Reciprocal linking

Many reciprocal link exchanges end up being an exercise in spam management as completely inappropriate sites approach you for a link. Reciprocal linking is actually a risky affair. Google specifically warns against creating pages for reciprocal linking in its Webmaster guidelines. It's pretty obvious why reciprocal linking is discourage - it is an articifical distortion of a person's desire to link to your content. They're not linking to you because you have valuable content, they're linking to you in exchange for a favour.

One way links

Clearly one way links are much more desireable, but where can you find people willing to do this?

One place to look is to approach all of your business suppliers. You've probably built up a relationship with them and having them link to your website will just be a reflection of this relationship. Remember that if your website is relavent to their users they should be willing to link one-way to you.

One way that people suggest as a way to get a backlink is to provide a testimonial in which your link appears. Your supplier can then place the testimonial on their site and provide a link to you.

Who are your suppliers? It may take a little digging to identify all of your suppliers but the potential reward of relevant backlinks should be enough to motivate you to picking up the phone.

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